Our Projects

What if Nova Scotia became the renewable energy capital of the world?

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You’ll see that Scotian Wind logo at local rallies and school meetings. They really are invested in our community.

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Our Projects

Our Projects

Wind energy produces clean electricity, lowers our carbon emissions, creates jobs, and puts more money back into the local economy. If there’s one thing we’ve got no shortage of in Nova Scotia it’s a gust of wind. At Scotian Wind we think it’s high time we put it to use.

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We’ve always used wind power.

What do you think the Bluenose ran on?

Wind turbines use the same type of technology windmills and sailboats have been using for centuries. We harness the wind to turn a rotor, which creates electricity. You can learn more here.

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Please contact us. With enough info, everyone’s a fan of wind power.

Thank you for your support. Our 2017 investment offering was fully subscribed and closed successfully on February 28.

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