We’re using the wind to power factories, neighbourhoods, and John’s midget hockey team.

Wind energy produces clean electricity, lowers our carbon emissions, creates jobs, and puts more money back into the local economy. If there’s one thing we’ve got no shortage of in Nova Scotia, it’s a gust of wind. At Scotian Wind, we think it’s high time we put it to use.

The first clean kilowatt

March 1, 2014: the first of our 14 wind turbines, province wide, is installed on Parker Mountain, Annapolis County.

Thousands of dollars donated every year

In our very first year, $18,000 in profits was shared with Nova Scotian communities to help local non-profit projects.

Power to the people

Since 2014, over 14,000 homes have been powered by wind turbines.

Fighting global warming.

In one year, our 14 turbines can offset approximately 70,000 tonnes of CO2e.



Please contact us. With enough info, everyone’s a fan of wind power.

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